Multi environment and device framework for tourist experience in smart cities

Gianpaolo D'Amico, Italy , alberto del bimbo, Italy

Published paper: Multi environment and device framework for tourist experiences in smart cities

Smart tourism represents a new trend in the field of tourism and involves the use of mobile devices as smart cities advanced services. While much of the underlying technology is already available, some challenges are still open with respect to design an augmented experience of travel in cities of art and culture. Most popular solutions in this context consist of a single-device experience, in which tourists use only one system at a time (a desktop PC, a smartphone, etc.) to plan and organize a cultural itinerary of the most interesting areas of a city. In this paper we present the prototype of a framework providing a multi environment and multi device solution for personalizing the cultural travel experience of tourists in the city of Florence (Italy). Our solution is composed of a natural interaction system, an application server platform and a mobile application working in a ubiquitous networks urban area with the aim to give local citizens and visitors a novel environment where they could create a personalised itinerary of the town, receive recommended suggestions based on their location and then discover the most relevant cultural points of interest to visit on daily basis.

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