Best Practice Session
Marco Cappellini, Italy

UBILIA® let you discover the world through your smartphone and tablet. When you travel for tourism or work, as well as when you walk in your city, UBILIA® offers the opportunity to visualize instantly informaton regarding a famous building, a work of art, a restaurant, a product in a shop.
The information is provided in your language, through an interface called UBIview that is composed by a textual description, audio guides, videos, images at high resolution, a map, correlated information. These information are associated to a POI (Point Of Information).
Interface between yourself and the world that is around you can be your position, an UBIcase, a plaque that integrates a written caption with some technologies like NFC and QRcode, or a beacon.
Through an UBIcase or simply through your geographic position UBILIA® brings the world around in your smartphone or tablet, with a unique interface, presenting contents you’re interested in, with an engaing user interface.
As you walk UBILIA® presents to you incredible buying offers a few steps far from you. Your actions, from POI visualisation to shopping experience increase your benefits that you can use in the UBILIA® network.
When you are in a museum you can use UBILIA® to explore the details of the work of art you are admiring, listen to audio comments, view videos, see recommendations provided by other users. Once you are outside the museum you use UBILIA® for discovering the city.
UBILIA® is devoted to cities, their cultural heritage, indoor and outdoor, to shopping experience and provide you a proximity travel experience that no other app can provide. It is free for download, content is free or not dipending by the content provider policy, available for iOS and Android.
UBILIA® is based on Centrica technologies XLknowledge®-XLimage®, takes advantage of some of the Uffizi Touch® (www.uffizitouch.com) product innovations and is a cloud based service. Content providers can populate the platform with their geo-referenced contents through an editor or through API (Application Program Interface).
One of the UBILIA® early adopters is UNESCO office of Florence Municipality.
UBILIA® service will be launched in some geographical areas in January 2014, second half.

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