Angelo Garioni, Italy , Angelo Garioni, Italy

Our independent research-team, formed by architects, historians and archaeologists committed with the philosophy of Public History, will participate to the Best Practice Parade of the MWF2014: Museums and the Web to be held in Florence next February 2014. During this meeting, throughout a short video, we will make a presentation of the project that we are currently  developing together with Dr. Laura Longo of the Polo Museale di Firenze, in the field of public archaeology. This project has a pedagogical aim connected to the fruition of complex archaeological sites. We decided to call this system Time-Blaster.

Thanks to the development of a new instrument that combines different innovative technologies, we aim to explore original ways to communicate academic knowledge to any potential visitor, independently from her/his cultural and social background, and considering different typologies of handicap that are usually an insurmountable barrier for the fruition of certain sites. The key-concepts at the base of this idea are entertainment, mobility, instinctive interaction and playful learning of scientific knowledge.


PhD, Architect Alberto Faliva

Architect Angelo Garioni

PhD Cristiano Zanetti


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