PoetryCloud – Care for the Future – Connecting people, place and story.

Neal Hoskins, UK

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PoetryCloud – an award winning EU culture concept project (2013) will look to combine the dynamics of family favourite literature, photos and cultural venues/museums.

Our goal in this cultural agency project is to refresh and renew young and old peoples connections with poetry, place and memory we will endeavour to do this via different data points and digital layers between the real and the virtual.

PoetryCloud is currently in concept phase production and we looking to join up with a number of museums and galleries in 2014.

Our dynamic is the story and our focus is the people and places that make them.

Our 2012 digital work for the London Olympic Games with the Children’s story Museum laid the foundations for this exciting new project.




PoetryCloud was a winner in the “Access to Culture Culture” category of @diversity European Competition. Of 263 ideas were submitted to the Competition, a jury of international experts nominated 50 projects and chose PoetryCloud as one of 12 winning ideas that could potentially shape the future of the cultural and creative sectors.


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