Opening the Door to Mobile

Best Practice Session
Alex Palin, The Netherlands , Alex Tourski, The Netherlands

Mobile innovations are transforming travel and museum experiences. But how much do museums really need to invest to create compelling mobile experiences on smartphones? has developed an open and free platform for museum and city audio guides and is sharing its findings with many museums and cities.

With web-based platforms, mobile audio guides can easily be compiled, improved and updated by museums – just like websites – with museums creating and updating the mobile content and experiences themselves. Instead of investing in app technology, museums can simply focus on creating great content to bring the exhibits ‘to life’ and to engage their visitors. Museums retain full control of their content. Furthermore, an open system approach protects the museums’ investments and can attract new partners.

Collaboration between city authorities and museums is facilitated, enabling the creation of a ‘smart city’ experience. More visitors can be reached when museum and city audio guides combine in one single app. Museum apps can be enjoyed on visitors’ own devices, as well as those handed out to visitors in the museum.

Getting detailed statistics from mobile app use is critical for providing insight into visitor behaviour. Feedback from visitors helps to enhance the experience.’s ultimate aim is to develop an open Mobile Traveler Guide Standard to ensure that museum content will outlive any particular technology.

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