One size does not fit all: the Malta Culture Guide mobile cultural project

Best Practice Session
Giuliano Gaia, UK

ThaMalta Culture Guidenks to its position at the heart of the Mediterranean Sea, Malta has been a crossroads of civilisations whose traces are still visible today, leaving a particularly rich and varied cultural heritage, from megalithic temples to baroque palaces and Caravaggio masterpieces. Conveying all these different aspects within a single mobile application, using textual, visual, and audio means, has raised many different issues about the planning and production of cultural content for mobile usage, together with usability aspects regarding design and distribution of mobile content. Our paper will present the Malta Culture Guide, a cultural mobile marketing project we have developed for the Malta Tourism Authority over the last four years, which now comprehends an iPhone app, an Android app and a mobile-optimized website with texts, images, maps, podcasts and videos. We will focus also on the planning and evaluation processes, in order to offer useful indications for other cultural mobile content developers.

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