On the Move and in the Air: Adlib Mobile Suite and The Collection Cloud

Best Practice Session
Klaus Bulle, Germany

The Adlib Mobile Suite http://www.adlibsoft.com/news/museumtrackeriphone-uk puts the power of the collections management system into your hands. We have equipped an Apple iPhone 5 with a protective ‘sleeve’ which has a built-in barcode scanner and RFID reader, and our tracker app ‘AdMove’. Thus you can record the processes of moving objects, including packing and unpacking of containers, and update the database in real-time over a WiFi network or by later synchronization if you work off-line.

The Collection Cloud http://www.thecollectioncloud.com offers all Adlib users an easy way to make their collections accessible on the internet. This cloud-based collection database is available to all Adlib users, including the free Lite version users. The Collection Cloud app brings your collections straight into the living room or any other location for that matter. The app is an ideal product to stimulate the visitor’s interest in your collections.

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