Nextome – Indoor navigation system

Best Practice Session
Domenico Colucci, Italy , Vincenzo Dentamaro, Italy

Nextome is an indoor navigation and localization system, for spaces that are not covered by a GPS signal. It is a system which allows users to access information about the place where they are: receiving precise information regarding one’s position, planning an itinerary, enjoying all the services available in the building being visited. Thanks to Nextome it is possible locate one’s current position and navigate using a smartphone or tablet device. Nextome was conceived especially for Museums: its innovative localization and navigation technology gives users instant Artistic and Cultural Heritage information through maps and in-depth information in real-time,  themed itineraries, images and audio-visual aids and content is available in several languages.

Imagine visiting the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican Museum: Nextome will localize your position within half a meter and plan an itinerary to reach the Sistine Chapel, then, as you walk through the museum, the “discovery mode” will provide information about each work of art you pass and the inside of the famous Chapel.

Nextome enriches the visitor’s experience by tailoring navigation to individual needs, which include special needs such as itineraries for families with children, elderly and physically disadvantaged people, as well as students, groups and visitors with time constraints. Nextome technology is designed to help Museums achieve maximum leverage for their collections and services to provide visitors with a  fulfilling experience. Contextual physical navigation offers an enriched reality that delivers the best of both worlds : a personal visit combined with on-line information and services such as e-commerce purchases in the Museum Store during the visit.

Nextome uses technology to enrich cultural experiences.

The Nextome platform was specifically developed to optimize user experience and ensure that technology stays hidden from the visitor, who is free to focus on the visit. Nextome does not require wall sockets or other external installations and is designed for deployment in historical buildings. Nextome uses technologies with very low electromagnetic pollution and low energy consumption and is therefore environmentally friendly. Nextome technology is patented and a prototype system has already been installed in the Diocesan Museum of Bisceglie.


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