Masterclass 1: People, Places and Things: how to create connections with audiences

Stefania Chipa, Italy , Alexandra Korey, Italy, Martha Ladly, Canada

Workshop leaders: Stefania Chipa (Museums and the Web Florence), Alexandra M. Korey (FLOD-The Florentine), Martha Ladly (OCAD University).

This practical workshop examines how cultural institutions can connect with their audiences through storytelling. The masterclass will address specific issues faced by cultural institutions today, using storytelling along with the latest digital tools and techniques, to ask questions and come up with potential answers.

Each participant will bring a real question or problem to the masterclass; case studies and projects involving best practices and outcomes will create a framework for our discussions.

Working in small groups, participants will be guided to develop innovative solutions and a plan to implement them, which will then be presented to and discussed with the larger group.

This class is intended for museum directors, curators, marketing and communication professionals who work in digital departments, fundraisers, journalists and cultural commentators, and anyone interested in using digital tools to make cultural heritage more accessible to audiences.

Masterclass attendees will:

  • Be inspired by evocative examples, case studies, and innovative tools
  • Gather insights and skills for their own cases and problems
  • Learn how to explain their collections through storytelling
  • Find out how to choose and use the appropriate tool/s to engage their audiences
  • Discuss the most cogent problems and find practical, useful and easy-to-develop solutions
  • Identify language and culturally appropriate approaches for different types of audiences, e.g. children, teenagers, families, elders, locals, international visitors
  • Create strong links between places, their social communities and their cultural institutions

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