A Digital Guide To Map The Intangible Italian Cultural Heritage: Language, Literature And Culture In Florence

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Mapping the intangible cultural heritage of Italy is the mission of a new joint project developed by ARTE.it and Società Dante Alighieri. The aim of the project is to adapt the editorial and technological platform developed by ARTE.it for the digital mapping of fine arts in Italy to the specific institutional goal of the non-profit organization Società Dante Alighieri: the promotion of Italian language and culture.

The idea for the project is based on the growing public interest for customized interactive guides, available via multiple distribution platforms (such as Internet, mobile and tablet), and structured as a continuously updated and georeferenced content database related to a specific geographical area of interest.
Following this approach, in 2013 ARTE.it and Società Dante Alighieri developed a pilot project for the city of Florence, one of the three most visited art cities in Italy and among the first ten in Europe. Florence is the cradle of Italian as a language, and of Dante Alighieri, the poet, its father. It is a world capital of the Italian literature, and culture in general. A city where Petrarca and Boccaccio lived, walked through, and wrote. Visiting museums, squares, cafés, universities and cultural institutions in Florence, users of the guide can trace the history of the Italian language and its evolution, discovering places of residence, study and meeting of people who carved out Italian language and culture and of many more who left their mark in it.
In the interactive guide titled “ARTE.it – Walking with Dante. The Italian language in Florence”, visitors of the city are offered the possibility to explore over 100 points of interest and four thematic itineraries: Dante and other famous personalities; Italian language and Science; Italian language and Music; Grammars and Dictionaries.The guide shows the points of interest for the Italian language in the city and its surroundings, (monuments, palaces, villas, churches and bell towers, museums, palaces, houses, archives and libraries, cinemas and theaters), and includes also an always updated calendar of events and artshows in town. All contents are available on multiple devices (website: http://ladante.arte.it ; Apple iOS app for iPhone and iPad) and through 2 main navigation patterns: a multilevel database based on a set of detailed information sheets (title, images, description, information, related associated contents and metadata) and a dynamic interactive map based on a visual multipoint representation cartography.
In the next months ARTE.it and Società Dante Alighieri will join forces again to develop new custom interactive guides based on the same technological platform (now also ready to be extended to Android smartphones and tablet devices) and dedicated to other prominent Italian cities, such as for instance the city of Milan that will host the Universal Exposition in 2015.

ARTE.it is a digital media company founded in Rome in 2012. It’s mission is mapping arts in Italy. More info at: http://www.arte.it
SOCIETA’ DANTE ALIGHIERI is a non-profit organization founded in 1889 to promote Italian language and Italian culture in the world. More info at: http://www.ladante.it

ARTE.it - APP Firenze La Dante

ARTE.it - APP Firenze La Dante

ARTE.it - APP Firenze La Dante

ARTE.it - APP Firenze La Dante

ARTE.it - APP Dante in Florence

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