Makers Corner by MakeTank

Alexandra Korey, Italy

Feb 19 + 20 2014 in the Demonstration Area

In connection with the conference themes of digital integration and open content that can be addressed through open-source hardware and digital fabrication, MakeTank has developed the “Makers Corner” – an exhibition that illustrates the main techniques used by makers. This is intended to raise awareness of the existence of, and possibilities offered by, these techniques, and to stimulate consideration of their potential museum applications, from the mundane (gift shop items) to the complex (integrated interactive displays based on open hardware).

MakeTank is a multi-vendor marketplace where people who combine design and artisanship with digital fabrication and open hardware techniques can list and sell their work. As such, it is also a tightly knit community, with numerous collaborations and consultancies.

The Makers Corner will be composed of:

  1. A working 3D printer monitored by a team of architects from Florence-based Studio MP Architettura e Design. Come see this device in action and ask plenty of questions!
  2. An exhibition of products by Italian Makers and designers, with an explanation of technique and a reflection on the hypothetical use by museums.
  3. A knowledgeable on-duty Maker during breaks and lunch times who is available to discuss what aspects of your museum or organization might be addressed through digital technologies, open hardware or simply a “Makers approach.”

For more information about MakeTank please see .

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