Coopculture at Museums and web: new technologies and new experiences

Best Practice Session
Ida Fontana, italy

Coopculture presents a new ticketing and products distribution platform for the cultural heritage, a system to organize the tourism-cultural offerings of several areas in Italy.

The platform provides an information, booking and ticketing service.
Tourists can plan their tour, selecting products, tourism services and local itineraries. They can build and enjoy their visit by smartphone. This new platform allows tourists to purchase their tickets to the Colosseum from their smartphones to skip the line and go directly to the entrance gates.

This is a new approach to go beyond the destination and to enrich the experience. This approach was also adopted in the project, “camera critica,” developed by CoopCulture and born with the aim to create a close link between the art space (museum / exhibition space) and the city’s urban fabric.

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