Tanveer Afzal, Pakistan

Due to lack of consideration, most of the schools, institutes & museums did not provide access to the physically disabled/challenged people in Pakistan. The SBP Museum took up to change this scenario by upgrading physical features and administrative move to bring the people to the SBP Museum. The main objectives were to study the hurdles in the way and to develop such a system to implement considered solution for this problem. The first encountered issue is the access and mobility of those people; secondly, there are some rules and regulations of the organizations which have to be followed thus requiring adopting new procedures to make room. The balance path or core of conduct has to be defined that help in bringing them to Museum without disturbing any of the organizational value as well as in developing individual acceptance for them. The third aspect is to create their interest in the museum by involving them in some of the specially designed activities they are already familiar with. Finally, fourth step is to consider a sustained relationship with the organization.

The recent results showed that the efforts are worth taking, as the activity has earned positive reviews from the concerned organization, scholars, related NGOs, parents and above all it has generated satisfaction among the participants.

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