Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici della Toscana Blog: the Archeotoscana experience

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marina Lo Blundo, Italia

The Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici della Toscana at the moment is the first and the only Soprintendenza in Italy that blogs about Tuscany museums and archaeological sites. The blog, the facebook fanpage and the twitter account were born in may 2013. In December 2013 also the Pinterest account has been opened.

The social media team of Archeotoscana is made up of an équipe of Museum’s attendants is: they are all archaeologists and someone of them is also blogger. They work in close contact with the Soprintendenza Press Office.

The mission of Archeotoscana blog is to inform the web community about museums’ activities and archaeological sites’ activities in Tuscany, in order to show that museums are live and dynamic places. Through blog the Soprintendenza communicates to the web community news about archaeological events in Tuscany: exhibits, restorations, projects, archaeological digs. At the same time the blog wants to give the people an excellent information, more than an ordinary press release, in order to raise some curiosity about archaeology discoveries and more.

Besides, in the blog there is a popular section, with posts about curiosities and stories about collections, objects, museums and archaeological discoveries.

Blog has some pages which illustrate each museum and archaeological national site of Tuscany, with opening hours, localization by Google Maps, brief description of collection or monuments. Furthermore, there is a Download Page  where you can download information papers about museums and archaeological events of Tuscany.

The Archeotoscana facebook fanpage communicates contents about Soprintendenza activities, links to the blog, pictures, photo albums and more, to engage the facebook community.

The twitter account @MAF_Firenze is dedicated mainly to the National Archaeological Museum of Florence activity, but it spreads also news about archaeology in Tuscany. On twitter @MAF_Firenze is particularly focused on increasing the twitter engagement, especially with museums, archaeologists, users related to Florence and cultural life in Tuscany, to have conversations communicating Archaeology and Culture. Two examples of simple and incisive communication and engagement with the people using twitter are the followings: the challenge between museums named “Sfida a colpi di Antinoo” and the riddles named #archeoindovinelli to win an #FF on Friday.

The new-born experience of Archeotoscana is positive, because we have good online visibility and a good feedback from the web community. Stats are importants for us, to know and to increase ours readers, followers and fans. In the near future, we want to improve our presence on social network by creating social events to engage the museums visitors.

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