ARTaC Art, Research, Technology and Cultural Heritage (ARTeB, Arte, Ricerca, Tecnologia e Beni Culturali)

Fiammetta Michelacci, Italia

ARTaC (Art, Research, Technology and Cultural Heritage) is a research project concerning the pulpit of San Pier Scheraggio located in the church of San Leonardo in Arcetri in Florence. The pulpit , dating from the late XII century AD, was originally in the church of San Pier Scheraggio . Following the gradual dismantling of the church, for the construction of the new building of the Uffizi , the pulpit was transported in pieces and rebuilt in San Leonardo in Arcetri, closely connected to San Pier Scheraggio.

Spherical Photograph

The research project consisted of the following activities :

–  Historiographical, iconographical and iconological analysis of the pulpit of San Pier Scheraggio;

– Analysis of the relationship between the churches of San Leonardo in Arcetri and San Pier Scheraggio;

– Study and analysis of the two groups of artworks that are currently in the church of San Leonardo in Arcetri : one, of the eighteenth century , which includes two paintings by Francesco Conti and the other, of the fifteenth-century, by Neri di Bicci  and his workshop;

– Drafting of reports, bibliographic documents, short essays scientific and informative;

– 3D relief of the pulpit of San Pier Scheraggio and of the church of San Leonardo in Arcetri using a three – dimensional laser scanner, in different scales and resolution;

– High-resolution photographs of the pulpit and the church essential in obtaining the chromatic information necessary to the laser scanner relief and for the creation of spherical photographs;

– Topographic relief that provided a unique coordinate reference system for all the other reliefs.

– Three-dimensional model reconstruction of the pulpit and of the church ;

– Design, planning and implementation of a web application to collect and make easily accessible and interactive bibliographic, historiographical and technical material, included 3D  model, without software and hardware limitations, so available to everyone.

Elaboration of cloud points to the 3D model with the associated photographic texture

The research project was made possible thanks to the achievement of investment funds obtained as a result of a request for help addressed to the POR CREO 2007-2013.

On 21 November 2012 the contribution was assigned to the research project and it made ​​possible a collaboration with CNR – ISTI in Pisa, in the person of Dr. Scopigno Roberto and his team, which has been of fundamental importance for the professional growth of our company.

Currently , F.A.S.T. S.r.l. is working at a new research project thanks to a grant received in response to a request for help addressed to POR CREO 2007-2013.

The application for funding was welcomed on 22 of May 2013 and thanks to the funds raised, FAST S.r.l. reconstruct, through spherical and pyramidal photos, three-dimensional models, the path that has made the pulpit when he was transported from the church of San Pier Scheraggio the church of San Leonardo in Arcetri, at the end of the eighteenth century, from the Via della Ninna, Ponte Vecchio, Santa Felicita, Costa San Giorgio, Porta San Giorgio and Via San Leonardo.

It will highlight the main points of interest (shrines, churches, statues, artists’ studios and homes, villas, gardens,..) by multimedia and bibliographical contribution, historical and artistic forms at two levels: scientific and informative.

Co-Authors Fabrizio Costantino and Simone Durazzani. Special tanks to Marco Callieri and Matteo Dellepiane from ISTI-Cnr in Pisa. Also tanks to Leonardo Dolfi e Alexander Neuwahl.

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