Agile and Waterfall: Exploring Different Methodologies for Digital Projects

Allegra Burnette, USA , Chiara Bernasconi, USA

This paper and presentation will define and explore agile and waterfall methodologies for developing digital projects. Agile is getting a lot of attention these days, but what does it mean to implement an agile project? And is agile appropriate for all projects? What are the criteria for determining which approach is best for your digital project? And how can these different methodologies be applied within institutions both large and small?

The speakers will use examples of projects both past and present from The Museum of Modern Art to explain the processes and possible pros and cons of each approach. These project examples include the development of a recently launched mobile app (MoMA Audio+), various exhibition sites, as well as past and upcoming redesign projects. Topics covered include: the changes in approaches over time and the thinking behind those changes; organizing for agile and the various roles needed; outsourcing versus working internally; and an outline of some of the tools used during the course of the projects.

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