A framework for multipurpose content development

Michela Negrini, italy , Paolo Paolini, Italy

Published paper: A framework for multipurpose content development

The increasing number of technologies and devices allows cultural institutions to provide a large variety of different user experiences. For a number of reasons, however, these different communication “channels” often diverge: e.g. the text on the panel on the side of the exhibit is different from the text on the web and form the text of the audio guide or from the story told by the interactive APP…

Moving content across different channels entails a number of often underestimated issues, like media transfer (e.g. from video to audio only: does the audio still make sense?), optional content (e.g. directions, which make sense only for visitors who are in the real place), context information (e.g. about the institution hosting a work of art, which does not make sense for real visitors but is quite necessary for a video on Youtube), etc.

This paper proposes a unifying conceptual/technological framework allowing a unique content development that can be (adaptively) delivered on the various channels. The framework consists of three components: an authoring environment (1001stories), a delivery environment and a content development methodology.

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