Invasioni Digitali / Digital Invasions – Co-Creation of Cultural Value

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Invasioni Digitali, Italy

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The #DigitalInvasions project (#invasionidigitali), which has just finished its second edition held on 24 April to 4 May 2014 (the very first edition was held on April 20 – 28, 2013), is an Italian grassroots project of collective participation in creating and sharing cultural content in order to enhance and promote Italian cultural heritage through the use of web and social media.

This project is all about co-creating and nurturing cultural value through proactive participation of visitors in museums’ communication life-cycle, by ‘invading’ them and then documenting their experiences on blogs and social media. It is characterized by a fully bottom-up approach, where people independently organize single events (mobs of people) all around the country during a given time frame (about 300 invasions in Italy during 2013 edition and 407 in 2014 edition with some invasions abroad, like in Brasil, Australia, USA, Germany). Social and digital communication are key to the invasions: ‘invaders’ are bloggers, archeology amateurs, photographers, Instagramers, historians, communication experts, but also people with the most varied backgrounds and a real passion for Italy and its unique heritage, and who want to transform it into something open, welcoming and innovative.

#DigitalInvasions is a great example of new forms of conversation about arts and culture, and of a democratic, participatory and inclusive digital culture, which aims to become a sort of ‘territorial lab’ for new social and digital communication products and models, and a tool to enhance both visitors’ experiences and museum/cultural sites’ performance.

This grassroots initiative is unique in its kind, both for its consistency and vitality, and for its novelty and its direct and indirect effects on Italian cultural communication. At the base of #DigitalInvations’ success are the profound changes which have occurred in users’ roles and the desire to share and participate in cultural values, fostered by the spread of social platforms.

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